“Kirk’s dedication is seen through the thoughtfulness and time he dedicates to his beautifully detailed work, each layer of material carefully considered and applied.”

"A Day in the life" with Canadian Painter Kirk Mechar - Toronto Guardian

“Lunenburg-based painted Kirk Mechar will return to Toronto this  September with an exhibition of exquisitine and thoughtful new work  that has evolved from his popular and innovative “flower patterns” series.” 

“Canadian Painter Kirk Mechar Returns to Toronto with Exquisite   New Presentation” – blogTO

“Mechar builds beautiful pictures of the present … these are far from still lifes, they burst forth with growth and possibility…” 

"Petals, patterns and paths, Kirk Mechar exhibit on at Navillus Gallery in Toronto"  - Slow City

“We are honored to present the brilliant works of Christie Lau and Kirk Mechar in the stunning exhibition, “Reflect: Tropic” at the Navillus Gallery in Toronto.” 

"Reflect Tropic" @ Navillus Gallery - Beautiful Bizarre